#1 Most Powerful Way to Never Be Broke Again | Money Jar System [Guaranteed Results If Used!!]

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  1. 50% goes to bills eg house, water etc
    10% savings to spend eg. Holiday, new car etc
    10% play jar…must be used…having fun with it.
    10% charity jar….give to others
    10& passive income jar
    10% savings jar…security jar
    Guaranteed money system

  2. There is no reward with risk.
    Distribution of monies:
    1) 50% – necessities
    2) 10% – savings to spend (vacations, etc.)
    3) 10% – passive income
    4) 10% – play money that you MUST spend every month
    5) 10% – charity
    6) 10% – savings that you DO NOT touch except in a SHTF scenario

  3. Thank you Eric for this fantastic jar system….i taught my kids to use some sort of this system to manage their pocket money but they only have 3 jars before ie books, travelling and savings…..now I change them to your jar system…..thank you for this fantastic sharing…. NamasteπŸ™

  4. 50% for necessities and the rest of the calculation of 10% is it after deducting the 50% ? Example from 1000$ , 500$ is for necessities and then we start taking 10% of remaining 500$ or the initial 1000$ ? Please advice

  5. There’s no such thing as a reward without risk

    50% of the $1000 is for necessities
    10% ($100) is for savings jar
    10% ($100) is for play jar
    10% ($100) is for charity jar
    10% ($100) is for passive income jar
    10% ($100) is for security jar

  6. There is no such thing a reward without risk.
    1) First 50% goes to necessities (😊)
    2) 10% Savings to spend (😊)
    3) 10% for Play (yeheyy my fav! πŸ˜ƒ)
    4) 10% for Giving/ Charity (πŸ˜‡)
    5) 10% for Passive Income (πŸ˜ƒ)
    7) 10% for Security (πŸ˜ƒ)

  7. Well Eric, What if;
    You make $3000.00 per month and these are your expenses;

    Mortgage – $2000.00
    Car – $400.00
    Insurances – $300.00
    Medical – $200.00
    Heat & hydro $600.00
    Phone & internet – $400.00
    Gas – Fuel – $200.00
    Food – $????????
    Tell me how to work around that??

  8. Eric! Please tell me that when I meditate I reach a point when I start vibrating starting from the back of mu neck, my whole spine and whole body, my spine and back of my neck is the most that vibrates, is it alrite? Or I'm doing it wrong?
    Or is it that phase where we connect directly with universe and what we have in our subconscious mind is heard clearly by the universe… please please reply…. waiting for ur reply…

  9. No reward without risk.
    Money Jar system –
    50% go to necessity
    10% savings to spend
    10% play jar
    10% giving jar
    10% passive income
    10% Security/savings

    Eric, Thank you for this video. So helpful. Questions – how would I do this system when most of your salary goes towards paying off debts? Do you have a system to get rid of debts? And yes a video on passive income.

    P.S Get well soon Kaina.

  10. 50% to necessities. Food bills
    10% to savings to spend- car vacation
    10% play jar – must spend
    10% giving donations
    10% Passive income jar towards financial freedom-vanguard
    10% Security/Savings

  11. Thank you, Eric. This is by far the best money management system I've come across. It is not overwhelming and it is not overcomplicated….it's straight forward and to the point. It would be awesome if you would do a video on how to best invest and more on the passive income stream. Thank you for making such great videos! Sending Kiana lots of love and healing from beautiful and sunny California.


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