3 Signs You Are Aligned to Attract What You Want in Life | LIVE + QnA [Million Dollar Monk]

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  1. Eric what just happened was so magical. I almost fell asleep at first but what you started to chant.. a powerful vibration like gosh of wind came to me I almost panic but I stayed in ! And it was magical! I suddenly saw an image of garden luscious with tulips and cold breeze and the I felt like I travelled and switched them a sudden image of mountain like I was on top of it and I’m looking at creation my face was vibrating up to my toes… I was in shock something happened to me. I know it I felt it. I had to stop I was astounded. In awe

    Thank you, God sent

    From PH

  2. Hi Eric,

    Thank you again for your great videos! I’m very enthousiast about you! I’m also started with the 21 day affirmation/meditation before I’m going to sleep. And I'm also doing your morning routine as well. 🙂

    But I’ve a question about this movie:
    The first step of alignment is ‘mindset’. You explain that you have to ‘unbrainwash’ yourself to get more connected tot the source. Otherwise you're going to stack the (new) affirmations on the negativity/problems of the past.
    But would you please make a movie how to clean / unbrainwash your brain, because I also think this is very important to get maximum effect of affirmations/meditations!

    Thank you so much for everything!

    Greetings from Holland 🙂


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