3 Spiritual Reasons Why People Come into Your Life | Soul Mate to STAY or Spirit Guide to LEAVE?

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  1. I have turnd down help frim some angles, but i turned it down because my thinking is differnt and ive been took for a year play game on, ex broke heart its been the wirst 12months i have ever had…. Life im on the bottom one place lower thats it lifes hard i dint no who to trust aymore i 😍

  2. Eric we face this challenge when we are in relation , we are so busy in our day to day work life that we can't be same like before n give our 24hrs into our loved one , then we fight , misunderstanding , we stop believing etc how do we take it?

  3. I met my twin flame after I dismissed my ex-lover that how they had met their twin.
    Such is the power of the universal forces.
    I am healing and getting ready for our Sacred Union with my twin☺️🙏🏼

  4. What about if according to our astrological chart or Destiny we do not have a desirable partner or late marriage, but such person wish to have a positive one and want to attract sooner. Can law of attraction work for such person ? What can be done. Will appreciate your insight. Thank you !


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