3 Ways to Attract a Specific Person INSTANTLY into Your Life | Law of Attraction

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  1. Hi Eric. Me and my bf broke up from our long distance relationship about 4 weeks ago and during all this, we didnt stop communicating. We talked even just now, he said he loves and wants me and i said the same, he admits it during all the breakup. But he wouldnt come back together till he "finds himself" and for this reason, he wouldnt want me to visit him, cause our instincts would win and then he "would lose another piece of himself". He doesnt accuse me of anything, he says he is mad at himself. He also said that he wants to turn time back to change things between us. If he takes his time to reflect, he will have to start it after January that he finishes with his exams. I am also afraid he fancies someone on FB. What to do? Please, help, i am going crazy. Btw, that video about let go and you ll receive was very inspiring…


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