5 Ways to Upgrade Your Mind to Attract Anything You Want | Law of Attraction

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  1. MY Desires-:
    1.I want to Improve my Physical Appearance and give bes̤t to my Body..
    2.I want to dance like Michael Jackson on My School Annual function
    3.I want Billion Dollars
    4..I want a Lambo "Lambroghini Veneno Roadster"
    5.I want a big DJ SET used in Music festivals
    6.I wanna be Lord of PoP just like MJ is King of PoP
    and i wanna Astral Project too😈

  2. Very true. I've got the most distracting obstacle now is my boyfriend. Who can't make me at peace. Always dissappear and not letting me know what he is doing. My mind is so distracted because of him. I love him and don't want to leave him. But having him will make me unable to focus. I wasted 1 year on this guy now. Is there a method to hypnotize myself not to love this guy anymore and just leave him without second thought?

  3. My goal now, is to train with you, in the UK! I wrote down on a piece of paper yesterday, ONE goal I have in life. And it said "I want to help people, ALL over the world". I didn't know HOW I was going to do it, I only know…that is a MASSIVE dream of mine. Helping other people, makes me a better person. It's not even about the money…..to take such a beautiful gift AND that's your job? Come on…that alone, is a dream come true. I messaged you on facebook, and I applied for November 9th…I pray I hear from you


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