Affirmations Meditation for Health, Energy Rejuvenation and Healing | This is Very Powerful!

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  1. Top all my wonderful Creators! I will be going LIVE here on Youtube TODAY at 1pm (UK TIME) GIVING AWAY 2 OPPORTUNITIES to join me on a private training. Tickets will be limited to make sure to be there prompt! See you guys soon! πŸ˜‰

  2. Thank you Eric, I hope you know you are my brother from another universe. Lol! I'm in the bed these days, and I feel better today. I will listen and meditate on this video everyday because I feel better already. Love, Peace and Abundance to Everyone!

  3. Hi Eric, don’t know if you remember me asking about LOA and healing for another person, in my case my son who has cancer. He is going to be 9 this month. Would he benefit from listening to this even though he may not understand it all?


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