Can We Change Someone Else’s Reality | The Shocking Truth About Parallel Universe

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  1. Hey eric, i wish to know more about the being alone part. because we still interact with other people like as "others" the people i see everyday, family, friends, strangers, are they people with freewill same as me? i create my reality, they create their own.

    At every moment, we are all one, but as the same there is "my" and there is "they". i guess i want to know the meaning of intimacy. is there no point to connecting with others, feeling sad or happy for others if it is all just my imagination? is there a point in time where i actually made contact, create a bond with someone?

    the part where you say everyone i see there's a part of me. does it mean if i see a selfish, "evil" person, that same negative traits are also in me? or does it mean one of my belief is creating such a person, like "i believe there are evil people in the world"

    what about "saints/guru" who go around healing and helping people? they are not poor, sick or negative, but they come into contact with these people all the time.

    like how i manifest your video and you manifest my comment? so we each live in our own reality but for this aspect, our realities overlapped? is it 100% my reality(so you and other people don't exist) or you does just that part of my reality and yours coincide with each other? so we are one(you said it before), but yet we are still separate.

    I'm quite confused, and afraid at the being alone part, because one of my desire is to form a deep and meaningful connection with someone. hope for the clarification and guidance on this.🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  2. Hi Eric…. I used to live a very prosperous life. But now i m bankrupt, my husband doubts me, we have divorced. I spent till my last penny to make him economically stable but all in vain. I even wrote his name with fire on my body. I have tried to commit suicide two times but unfortunately failed. Can u help me out, i m suffocating in this life.


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