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Is your logo sabotaging your business success? Understand what ingredients make a good versatile and professional logo.

Is your logo sabotaging your business success? People will judge a business based on the logo in seconds. Understand what ingredients make a good versatile and professional logo. Use these tips to judge your own logo and understand what you need to do to tweak and improve.


r hope your writer can. Would it be useful if I could give you the tools to discover your own unique impact so you can achieve your desired result? If you’re someone who struggles to find the time to read books, finds seminars and lectures long and unconcise, then Impact is perfect for you. I am essentially handing you “the best” notes I have gathered not just from seminars but from meeting directors face to face and asking them to break down their strategies and processes. I started creating this Impact course in 2016. The objective… to make the biggest impact on others in the shortest amount of time. I have already distilled years of education into just 3 hour videos. 3 hour lectures into 3 minute lessons. And I am forever challenging myself to make things shorter!

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Charity as we know it does not work. The children of Kenya do not NEED ‘fish’, they need to be taught how to catch ‘fish’. Only then can they create their own income and business to truly climb out of poverty forever. Here is how we are doing it.   http://H Giving .com

The Great Awakening: Shifting Consciousness

What is the meaning of Spiritual Awakening and why is everybody talking about this shift of human consciousness that is happening now? The Great Awakening is a short spiritual production made to make people more aware of the spiritual laws of the universe and what is happening around us so that we can full harness our power through the law of attraction and start living a more fulfilling life mentally, physically and spiritually. If you enjoyed this video make sure to check out my '7 Signs Everything You Want to Attract Is On It's Way' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lrfxn...

Chasers – Eric Ho | How to Be Happy and Live with Purpose [POWERFUL MESSAGE!!]

A lot of people ask what is the purpose in life. Is it about chasing another goal? because most people live all of their lives chasing one goal after another thinking that is their life purpose and find it hard to find true happiness. How to be happy? How to be positive in life, what if the secret was right in front of you. Instead of needing to figure out what life is all about and why are we all here, how about finally living life.. this is how..

He Has Real Super Powers to Manifest Anything in Life!! | Law of Attraction [Vlog_004]

This weeks vlog I take you behind the scenes of Super Power LIVE where I teach people how to master the form and flow with the formless. The secret behind creating the life that you desire. I show them how to unlock their super powers and manifest what they want in life using the law of attraction.

Elon Musk Sued and Fined by the SEC Over Tweet | To Resign as Tesla Chairman | The Thinkers' Lounge

Elon Musk was fined $40 million together with Tesla and had to resign his chairman's position after a settlement with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, The Thinkers' Lounge discusses what did Elon Musk musk do to get sued by the SEC over his "funding secured at $420" tweet. This is another string of Elon Musk's lawsuits, where Elon Musk has been labeled as a fraud and demands of him getting fired increases in the news causing another bump in Teslanomics.

Billion Dollar Whale Book Review | Jho Low Najib 1MDB Financial Scandal | The Thinkers’ Lounge

Book review of the Billion Dollar Whale: The Man Who Fooled Wall Street, Hollywood, and the World authored by Tom Wright and Bradley Hope of the Wall Street Journal. This book covers the financial scandal perpetrated by Jho Low from Penang, Malaysia that rocked Malaysia sending its former prime minister Najib out from elected office in 2018. Watch and see how the likes of Rosmah (Najib's wife) used the money from 1MDB for her own personal luxuries, and how A-List celebrities and big banks like Goldman Sachs got caught up in this affair. Subscribe for more ► Get the book ► https://amzn.to/2Op169O
My Morning Routine for the Law of Attraction | Manifest Instantly


One to One Mentorship with Eric Ho The one overarching element that all successfulentrepreneurs share is having had a great mentor. Theyhave all learned from someone who has already achievedconsistent and sustainable results in the area you want toachieve results in. Why try to reinvent the wheel while setting up yourbusiness? Why make costly mistakes […]