Eye Energy Transfer for Self Healing and Absolute Alignment [Warning You May See Yourself!!]

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  1. I can’t stop crying because I’m so happy. I watched this video last night before going to bed and I just checked my phone this morning and saw that we got our very first sale from our online Marriage course. I’ve been working so hard on it because I really want to help other people and my family. Thank you so much for helping me. ❤️ Jess

  2. Hi Eric,
    After watching this video what i did after is i tried to see the aura of may hands..while seing my aura i notice my right eye is getting blur then it transfer to my left eye..every time i try to focus on my hand to see my aura my eye is getting blur..and i dont know what is happenning..

  3. Thank you!
    I just want to let you know that i feel during transmission the frequency : love – peace – harmony
    The main process was that you was a source – sender – coordinator
    It's not words for explain what i've seen, just… Beautiful.

  4. I like this dope, haven’t watch the whole video but starting off you definitelyhad started before the video lol
    But looking at your eyes felt this shaking vibration buttttt just because I’m weird I didn’t know which eye too look at for direct eye contact if you know what I mean

  5. Eric, It seems as if your face started to shift and transition during this video..there's a few feelings that I feel might explain what I seen..I feel like I either saw your face, transitioning with your personal pain, hurt, struggles..showing on your face. Then I started to feel as if I was seeing myself in you..showing on your face, seeing my own pain, hurt and struggles.
    It was different for me..and if you could understand what I mean when I say, ..I stared to feel like I wasn't seeing Eric's face with pain, hurt and struggle..I felt I was seeing just the emotion. Like those emotions manifested your appearance. Which in turn, I felt reflects myself. I'm not sure if I 'caused' that or not. I believe I did see your aura, I'm not sure if I ever saw an aura before. But I did see your body outlined in blue then a lighter blue and I did see it linger on the left side of you..(my right) I feel very calm and more relaxed after watching. Not too emotional, just calm.
    When I watched this video, I focused on your right eye, using my left eye, I'm blind in my right eye so my focus while looking at someone's eyes is on their right one. Because I can only see out of my left. I still want to know if this affects eet and eye energy in general with giving and receiving..properly or not properly..fully or not fully. And if I should focus on one eye since that's what my vision is out of. Thank you. For this video.

  6. Hey Eric , thank you so much for sharing all those amazing energies. You said you may see yourself but how about if I saw someone else that I don't know his face but he is handsome. What that means.

  7. This video! After a grueling work schedule, I needed this today to get centered and slow my thoughts.
    Thank you Eric.
    P.S. I realize that daily videos can be overwhelming for you, but for those of us watching, thank you. You are helping us to grow into better versions of ourselves. Namaste

  8. Thank You Eric. This made me calm, I was thinking my intentions while watching this and whenever you nodded I felt as you are saying YES to my intentions and also when you smiled, I felt as whatever I am imagining is all true. I too Love You Eric. Namaste 🙏

  9. Your videos have helped me so much to get through my separation from my husband…ive never been more at peace. I even found the courage to restart my youtube channel thanks to one of your videos I watched a few weeks back! So, thank you <3

  10. This eye energy transfer videos are pure magic, I have no other words to describe it, I feel so complete and at peace after watching these videos, thank you Eric, I am happy and grateful that you shared these videos with us, Namaste 😇😇🙏🙏

  11. Eric you just don’t know how much I needed this. The full moon is near and I am an emotional wreck. The guy I believe in my spirit, is my twin flame, cut things off suddenly and that has had me heartbroken. I’m in the process of trying to heal from this and recognize this time of ascension. Watching this meditation made me cry. I’m going to do it again tonight because I am ready to heal and move on. Thank you so much. Namaste


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