Guided Meditation for Deep Relaxation | Instant Results in Just 14 Minutes!!

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  1. Would it be possible to access your meditation music only – I really like it and struggle with many other types ?
    Thank you again I am really enjoying & understanding your videos & finding your practices fulfilling 🙏
    Uk Yorkshire

  2. Hi Eric these guided meditations are great! I’m trying to meditate every morning now and sometimes before bed … I know it’s more powerful in the morning but I had a quick question … can you meditate after a glass of wine? ☺️

  3. Hi Eric
    Thank you so much for all your videos I watch them on a daily basis for guidance and meditation. I am still relatively new to using the LOA I just want to know how long must someone visualize/manifest on one thing? Do I continue to do it until I get it or only for a certain period

  4. Since I'm new to your channel, I haven't seen all your videos. Yesterday, I was asking myself if you had any guided meditations. I was busy running errands, so I didn't have the chance to come and check, but I had that in my mind all morning, then I forgot about it. This morning I woke up with the notification for this video. Ask and you shall receive! Thank you for this awesome and very relaxing video. 😊

  5. Hai brother..greetings..❤I have started seeing a white flash of light, at times it's like a splash or other times it spreads over my forehead and eyes while meditation and affirmation meditation. Also the space between my eyebrows vibrates a little while calming mind and hearing meditation chants. Is it true that it's the presence of your guardian angel?this happens when I am filled with joy love and peace while meditating and it feels good.

  6. Hello Eric, love from India. I am so thankful to you for your guidance. I want to instill your learning in my life but I feel like my brain heart are obstructing me from feeling good. I m quite depressed from a long time, everytime I think of sleeping because only then my mind shuts off and I don't get negative thoughts. I don't even know why I m so depressed, not just one specific reason but nothing in my life is going good. There are so many negative thoughts in my mind all the time. I don't know what to do. Please help Eric, I m loosing my will to live.


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