Guided Meditation: Release Subconscious Blockages and Clear Negativity | INSTANT RESULTS!!

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  1. That was so powerful! I had a really crappy weekend and came across this through another video of yours and thought I'd try it…I feel so different now! Everything is tingling and I even feel a bit dizzy, but not in a bad way! Everything is so light and bright now. Thank you so much for this!

  2. Hey eric i tried this today for the first time…..while doing it i was not able to feel pain or frustration on contrary i was only able to imagine what i wanted that time and want now….and for rest of the time i get all kind of doubts and fears regarding the situation…and with visualization also when i do your positive affirmation video and all that i am not able to visualize but in the whole while doin some other work i suddenly go into visualization and feel very good have goose bums and feel happy
    Please help and please do reply

  3. Eric, if I could give you 1000 likes for this content I want to give it to you. Incredible! Last week I did it for the first time and I was happy and very tired after the session. The last days I mentioned that negative thoughts were much less than I had before.

    This evening I did it for the second time and it was very impressive again. Not as hard as the first time but I had the need to do it a second time.

    I'm convinced this cleaning will help (me) to take the next step in life! 🙏

  4. Hi Eric, can I practice this even when I'm pregnant (early or late pregnancy). Can I also practice law of attraction for different reasons at a time? Please answer to these. Thanks in advance

  5. This was ABSOLUTELY Powerful… and very emotionally charged for me. Tears began to stream down my face during the breathing in of the energy from the portal… it was overwhelming! Thank you so much 🦋🦋🦋❤❤❤


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