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We believe everybody deserves the opportunity to decidewho they are, what they want to become, and how to takecontrol of their own lives. Every child, no matter where theycome from, has the potential within them to achievesomething great. Since 2011 HGiving has been providing ahome and free education to Orphans in Kenya. We startedwith over 60, but have grown to over 100 children on an acreof land situated in the beautiful Rift Valley. However, UNICEF estimates there are 2.6 million orphans in Kenya ALONE. Soour journey has only just started. We believe that, bybuilding something sustainable that focuses on investing inpeople & creating opportunities, we are able to make a real,long-lasting change that’ll give our kids a chance to changetheir lives forever.
At H Giving, we don’t want to just provide food, a bed and afew text books – this is fixing the symptoms of poverty, notthe causes. We want to invest in Kenya, build something sustainable and create economic growth to make a real,lasting difference. All they need is a chance at life and anopportunity. Opportunities we take for granted -opportunities you can help them get.
Our mission is for our children to live lives that are creative,productive and reduced of poverty. In order for this tobecome a reality, it is essential that there are the rightresources available. This is why our ‘Centre of Excellence’ isvital, as it will provide our children with modern housing,education, sanitation and, most importantly, enough safety to live comfortably and happily. The land also has space forfarming to begin, meaning that our children can learn togrow crops, care for livestock, eat well and sell the excess atthe local marketplace. This is part of our greater mission -to make the Centre completely self-sustainable.
This is how to truly make a lasting difference.


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