How to Change Your Appearance Using The Law of Attraction | This Really Works!! [MUST TRY!!]

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  1. Eric – I've been watching your videos almost everyday for the last couple of days. Woah strange things started happening or should I say magical. After giving the methods you provide a try, I've become much more self confident and I've started attracting what I want in life! Today out of nowhere I got free fitness card for 2 months and I was like WHAT THE?! That happened after I saw your other video where from meditation you can lose weight and I do feel like that. I started loving myself even more after this current video and this fitness thing that came out of nowhere is just… Universe working it's way! God/Universe bless you Eric and I wish you all the best keep up those awesome videos coming up and have a blastfull day!

  2. I just wanna say that one of my desires is having ginger hair and I used to have brown hair and I manifested it to be black. I noticed that in any lighting I can see in the corner of my eye my hair the exact color I want even though its still brown. Also ginger hairs rare right? Well I've been seeing people with red hair like crazy and it usually looks like the exact color I want. It is the fist week I meditated everyday and I feel like meditating's my last step and it has helped me with seeing signs so far.

  3. I WANT ONLY PEOPLE TO COMMENT, THAT KNOW THIS TOPIC AND HAD OWN EXPERIENCES (don`t wanna get negative reactions from people that didn`t even try right to change themselves etc) :)…So first..This is a beautiful video! But is this actually real or not? I see so many people (including the Hicks) that say that even physical change is possible but on the other side there are people that say that this IS NOT possible? I mean there are even Gurus that say we have to overcome our physical reality to achieve infinite (to not worry about our appearance n stuff..)? But what if my only dream is to get physical changes? Is it now real, not real, or real with some limitations (for example that you can`t get taller, darker… but only smaller things) What is it now? I don`t want to believe that if it isn`t even true, because I have bigger plans on how to change myself phsically and I don`t wanna get upset if I found out that this isn`t possible.. maybe people that give lessons on this topic are just "lying" or don`t have own experiences or even do it just for views?.. help me out please…

  4. Excuse me mam Eric clear in his new video how to exactly manifest with out asking thinking nothing .. In the receiving mode .. Stop confusing our thinking's you have no any right to play our emotions hurt us.

  5. South Africa Loves You Eric!

    Can you believe it! I once attracted a bumble bee to come sit on my hand and sit there on my hand for more than 5 minutes.

    I really love your videos and the motivation you give. Great stuff, will start practicing meditation again.

  6. Thanks Eric all your videos are super exciting and very real advice you are giving. I have experienced some of these manifestation that you speak of in many of your videos but I didn't know exactly how to recreate it. For example calling into existence a true loving life partner and it happened but I couldn't repeat it with getting material wealth and I guess it was my limiting beliefs now I realize because of your explanations how to do it and how to recreate it. May your love for humanity create for you the best of everything! Wishing you Love, Laughter and Joy!

  7. I was reading everyone's comments about the acne. This is my 100% observation. When I break out all I think about is my breakouts. I focus on my breakouts and I get even more stressed and I get more breakouts. I also noticed when I breakout if I DON"T focus on it I won't get more breakouts and it just goes away.

  8. Sorry but that cat in the background really needs attention and that was distracting… but acne also has a biological cause so I’m not sure just desiring it away will work?


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