How to Know When It’s Time to Let Go | Signs From The Universe [Law of Attraction]

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  1. That's amazing Eric… This was something I had been dealing with for a long time now and I really needed your advice… It feels like universe just send this one for me… Thank you so much for this one…. Now I know answers that I have been looking for a long time now

  2. When I’m with my ex( we still hang out) I feel happy and content but at the same time upset but when I’m away from her I can’t stand it I feel I need her around and it makes me upset when she’s not, I feel I want her back. But she doesn’t want to be around me she almost seems annoyed and doesn’t want to be my girlfriend yet still chooses to hang out with me. Is it Time for me to let this go?? I’ve been so lost with this for months

  3. Breathing is everything
    What feels good to me, what lights me up, is that of the divine
    Everything that's in alignment is a smooth beautiful path
    The difference between good and god is 0

  4. This is such an important message. It's about knowing when it's time to let go. I love what you said about how motivational speakers say keep going no matter what. But no, there comes a time when you do have seek the Universe's guidance to find out if it's time to let go. Always consult with the Higher Power first, the answer is always clear, whether it's the one you want or not. A very powerful message, Eric. Thank you!

  5. What feels good…silencing ego…which one makes me feel less stressed..which options feel best…between what is good and God is zero….silence the mind at peace breath and feel…which seems like chaos or good…let the noise go..what aligns with God us smooth and enjoyable…

  6. Your video clip reminded me of when the time when my friend and I got our tiny boat stuck on a lake… We tried hard to push our boat but we couldn't and we just agreed to leave it be and just chatted haha! A few minutes later, another tiny boat with some kids, yes kids, saw us and pulled our boat and we were free! Hahaha!


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