Make The Law Of Attraction Work For You | Set It And Forget It [Eric Ho]

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  1. So… I just found your channel recently and first of all, I want to say: thank you. After watching a couple of your videos, I put in the effort to manifest something and it kinda worked (I believe that it didn't fully work because I still had my doubts but I'm working on letting go of those). This video in particular reminded me of someone… Basically at the begging of this year there was a random variety show I was watching, it was about teenagers that were competing in rap to see who was the best I guess… And in the show, there was this one guy who meditated, and everyone kinda made fun of him because he was just 18 years old and he was way too deep about everything so, everyone kind of made fun of him at the start of the show when they didn't know much about him. The thing is, he turned out to be a great rapper, and everytime he passed a round, he was asked if he thought he was going to win, to which he always replied: "I trust whatever has to happen, will happen" (maybe not always literally but along those lines). Final of the story, HE WON the show. And not only that, he gained a lot of respect and people no longer make fun of him for being into meditation… So yeah, I thought it was kinda rad when you talked about this in this video because I saw that working for someone already, so I know it works, and casually, I'm also 18 years old like the guy in the show… I'm turning 19 tomorrow but still haha. Anyways, thanks for sharing this, although I'm seeing it quite late compared to when you uploaded it.
    Namaste 🙏

  2. This video really gave me clarity and now it gives me hope with meditation, I’ve been trying to get my ex back using the law of attraction. I’ve read your book and it really helped me. “YOU ARE SUBCIOUSLY PROGRAMING THE CONCIOUS. The key word is ALLOW” , I basically need to give trust to the universe and think about what I want but don’t be attached to the outcome.


    Eric Ho & Team. Man, I am in the habbit of watching and then downloading your videos for farther study, but this one is so so valuable thank you, thank you, Thank youuuuu.
    Infact I am going to try it (Oppsss not "try" – But Do it) for my long over due manifestations.
    Its quite like i have alway known it but it never hit me to thing in the way you eaplain it. I actually think "When you let go" you lose the control and allow the higher power ( Which higher power is always in control even when we egoistically think we are).

    Thanks Brother. Peace & Blessings

  4. Hi Eric,

    would you suggest doing the same visualisation about the same thing everyday or only do it once ever? for example if i wanted a new car would i visualize it then continue to do so daily or literally just the one time ! 🙂

  5. Hi Eric .. how do I remove a people from my life who is extremely entangled in every aspect of it? I live with them(they are family) and I need them out of my life. They bring out all the negativity in me. Please help

  6. I'm so confused with all the processes that tell you "you get what you think about" and they tell you to constantly think about what it is you want. Yet Eric, and know I respect your teachings, how do you know what to do when there is so much back and forth on this subject.

  7. Eric!! Exact the same scenario Happend to me! when i was texting someone!! … When i detatched mobile phone back into my pocket and forgot it, suddenly, person, i was writting wrote me back…. I just…. Wow!!! And felt happy.


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