Manifest Money FAST Meditation | Listen to While You Sleep [Extremely Powerful!!]

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  1. Believe this or not!!! I've been doing yr meditations as well as a few others n my hubby won a car in a lucky draw today I'm so so happy for him as he has gone through a very tough phase.ill health n wealth.somehow feel things r Changi g from us all good is on its way.thabk u ever so much Eric fr teaching me to think right keep me in yr prayers always

  2. I love this. I’m not only using this while I’m about to sleep, I also listen this while awake, doing things. It helps me to be solely focused on the task at hand, and improve my concentration. When I feel anxious or stressed or even frustrated, I also listen to this, and it helps me calm my mind and raise my vibration. Thank you Eric for sharing this with us.

  3. Hi Eric! Thank you for this meditation video, it helped me alot. My investment grew significantly after a month because of favorable market changes. Thank you so much. From the Philippines with love. Keep helping people improve their lives. You are such a blessing. Namaste~

  4. I have got to say that I was disappointed with this as I thought it was supposed to be a meditation when in fact it is only meditation music. This should be stated as I have just wasted 15 minutes lying here waiting for you to say something when I could have found something else that might actually help. For this reason I have given this a thumbs down.

  5. OK, a huge amount of money is coming my way for me to look after now Eric, I am so surprised and grateful for everything. I have only listened to this a few times. You are amazing! Namaste and bless you!πŸ™ β€οΈπŸ˜€

  6. Hi Eric. Thanks for the this soothing video/audio. Can you make one more such video for concentration/study so that we can continue to stay in that vibration till we finish our study? Thanks


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