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“Learn to inspire, influence and connect with your audience”

Do you want to communicate more effectively, but don’t know exactly how to trigger your audience? Do you want to sell a product or idea, but can’t seem to convert your message? Do you spend hours preparing your presentation, but during your talk people are fidgeting, talking, looking at their phones and aren’t particularly engaged? Look at the greatest influencers and leaders in the world. From Barack Obama to Pope Francis, Oprah Winfrey to Richard Branson, they all have one thing in common: the ability to communicate to the masses.
As Warren Buffet once said, “Public speaking is the number one asset anyone can acquire”. You all have a message inside of you; can you really afford to carry on presenting ineffectively?
This is where Master The Stage comes in. With extensive experience in designing and delivering speeches to thousands of individuals globally, Eric is renowned for providing stimulating and active training that adds real value to the lives of his listeners. Master The Stage will supercharge your presentation skills, whether for the purpose of building confidence, branding, selling, teaching, interviews, holding your own events or simply to be a more effective communicator. Throughout the five days you will learn how to:
•    Overcome the fear of public speaking,
•    Use your tonality and body language to make your presentations both engaging and informative,
•    Use gestures and Powerpoints to make your presentations more powerful than ever before,
•    Engage and connect with your audience and make them love you,•    Deliver presentations that allow your listeners to go away with the exact information they came for,•    Command a presence onstage and control the room,•    Master the art of persuasive sales,•    Give the ultimate presentation template to inspire,  connect with and convert any crowd towards your message,•    Sell any product, service or message effectively.

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