You are far greater than you know, and you have truly amazing potential. The key to ALL success lies within. During this Camp, you will tap into your higher self and increase your full capacity for happiness, alignment and success.
This is not your average event, it’s not about sitting back and observing, it’s about doing – Being the Warrior within. Most people fail in business not through lack of knowledge but rather lack of courage. This course is about inner strength. Understanding of who you truly are and how to train your MIND, BODY & SPIRIT to enjoy continued growth and create your life by design.
The learning is truly transformational and can be applied to all aspects of your everyday life, whether its relationships, business or your finances etc. If you believe there’s more to life, and are ready to experience an empowered way of living, then commit to being there! This event is the best investment you can make as it deals with the core of everything – YOU.
You will master…
  • The secrets to overcoming fear and sustain confidence
  • How not to seek approval and recognition
    from others but always value yourself
  • How to respond to circumstances by choice
    instead of reacting from past experiences
  • How to live with integrity, so that your word
    is law
  • How to have the courage to take action in spite
    of doubt and worry
  • How to stay strong in the storm and dance
    through the rain

Let’s rise together!

“Working with Harriet over the last year, I can hand on heart say that she is a phenomenal individual and coach. If you are looking for someone that can help you unlock your potential then without hesitation I would send you towards her.”
– Sam Miller

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