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  1. 1)Breathing is everything
    Calm the mind
    Set the intention
    Allowing the flow
    2)L/R breathing
    There is a time for everything
    **I want to learn about L/R BREATHING.***
    3) Eyes
    Stare at one dot for 10minutes .Purely focus on the dot only.
    4) Get into the physical
    >, meditation is about nothingness.
    When you apply thoughts with emotions, thats is the beginning of meditating.

  2. Thank you! 2 questions
    How much time de physical part?
    I have practice yoga for year and our teachers have always made us visualized our breath going up and down which have help calm and concentrate. How can we put it in black? Cheers from Guayaquil- Ecuador

  3. first. Breathing is everything
    a. Calm you’re mind
    b. Set the intention
    c. TRUST
    d. Flow
    Second. Left right breathing and There is a time for everything
    Thirth. Eyes focus for 10 min without blinking
    Fourth. Physical
    Fifth. Meditation (nothingness)

    following youre content from holland ty this is very helpfull for my morining wake up step up routine

  4. Great Eric as usual. But a little contrast here. You said we go in no-thingness, then set intention in our emotion. How is that possible. Either we can be at no-thing or we can have emotion. Do u mean the moment we get nothing state, use next moment to get emotion n intent. Can we switch so fast to emotion. May be by practice

  5. You went too fast through how many times to breathe and switch. I keep playing that part back because I can’t catch what you’re saying to do. When you are giving specific instructions you need to give more slowly so we can get it. You can write it in the subscription box.


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