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  1. Aloha!! Yea, I hope you continue to inspire the world! You give guidance to people that connect with you. Unless you can do one on one messaging for Q & A's then I really hope you'll continue your daily videos next year and for couple years to come for the newer generation, for the people that is ready to hear you out.

  2. Please more videos! Daily weekly I dont mind! Watching someone who is improving everyday more and more is very motivated!
    And as you say, the more you give,the more you will receive!! 🙂

    Please also tips for starters who have no idea what to sell what to do to make money!

  3. Please continue making videos Eric, you have helped so many of us! You don't have to do daily videos, that's obviously a lot of work for you! Maybe once or twice a week would be better for you?


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