Open Energy Portal Meditation Explained | Raise Your Vibration with Eric Ho [Monday Meditation]

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  1. Thank you Eric…this works…experienced a tingling on my whole body.and increased breathing speed rate when and after absorbing the portal which persisted thru and until the end of the meditation..thanks again โค

  2. Hi Eric, I'm battling, can't feel anything, I'm doing this video twice a day and nothing happens, I know I'm blocked, whatever meditation I do nothing is working in me, I'm losing my plot,, Can anyone tell me if that happens to "you" what I should do??? Namaste

  3. Eric can you make meditation video of this for just energy ball and chant? I know you have the energy ball one but canโ€™t find one with the chat. Love the explanation but would like to include this as a daily ritual without having having to fast forward half of the video and after that the meditation is only so long.

  4. ok, that was quite a experience … iam watching eric for few weeks, had started watching LOA things just now, mostly working, mostly smaller things, just a beginner, but i believe in this. but when i started to watch this video, hmmm, i was thinking this is too much, wanted to stop it, but continued for some reason … in the middle, i felt really strange and on the end i cried i felt some energy wave, dont know if it is good or not, but i feel different, better … thanks eric

  5. Thank you so much Eric! I've started watching your videos the past few months now and it's been so helpful. I did this meditation this morning and had a phone interview for a job a few hours later, which led to a phone call back less than a few minutes later for an in-person job interview. I definitely felt the vibrational frequency from this and will continue to do this. Thank you!!

  6. From the time I learnt the open energy meditation, I combined it together with the 21day love affirmation…..but do love the strongest energy that comes to me almost lifting me off the ground…..I strongly believe greatness is coming my way this summer. Thanks Eric


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