Platinum Mastermind Retreat

Leaders create leaders. Everything we do involvesleadership, whether it’s running a team, in a job, or being agreat parent to your kids.
The problem is that most people are scared of standing out.Even if the opportunity is presented to them declinebecause they feel they’re not worthy enough to take on theworld. And for others who embark on this leadershipjourney, most fail to lead effectively. Some people lead tooharshly, resulting in quick turnovers and unsustainableresults, whilst others act too soft, causing them to losecontrol.
Not only will Eric share the knowledge and experience hehas gained over the years of leading thousands, he will alsobe introducing his top 33% network, pulling out top leadersacross different industries to join this exclusive opportunityand to share with you their knowledge and experiences.
How would you like to take 10 days out to learn andmastermind with some of the greatest minds out there – the
thought leaders, influential & inspiring individuals,entrepreneurs and leaders? For this special occasion we’llbring our expert network and provide you with a 10-dayfocussed learning opportunity in the middle of paradise.
This once in a lifetime opportunity is by application only.Should you be successful with your application, you will begiven the opportunity to explore and exchange ideas andideals with some of the greatest people out there.
During these 10 days you will:
Learnfromrenownedexpertsinvariousfields• Explore the retreat venue with a group of like
minded people
• Exchangeideas,thoughtsandopportunitieswith
some of the greatest leaders and individuals
• Embarkonajourneyandadventureofalifetime
• Growandbecomeanewyou
• Creatingrapidresults…
• Makeadifferenceandcontributetoagreatercause
*Accommodation is included in pricing. By application only.



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