SHOCKING TRUTH About Dreams | Do They Actually Mean Anything? [Signs From the Universe]

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  1. Bring awareness of how our mind works.
    Chaotic mind equals non-relevant dreams from mind chatter.
    Total piece of mind equals relevant dreams/signs from God/the divine/ideas, etc.
    Breathe an hour before bed to silence mind/chaos.

  2. I literally asked my self whats the difference between the universe speaking or me. And then 20 minutes later decided to drive and listen to one of your vids. Beautiful manifestion

  3. dear eric, fantastic Video as always. i have a question abt dreams. every night just before bed i do your love meditation and then visualize abt my ex coming back. then i go off to sleep. in the last couple days im dreamimg about him. is this a good sign? can u help, eric or anybody? i would reallly appreciate an answer. thank you. Namaste!

  4. Eric here’s a tough one… ever since I was little I would dream a murder taking place. I remember some still they are that disturbing. I am 45 now. I was always a bystander and I always feel like I am literally witness this and I am afraid it’s a premonition. I also see horrific facts just before bed to the point I was afraid to go to bed. I have since learned to ask for protection. No one is able to explain my dreams. Thank you for sharing.

  5. I keep on dreaming a place since I was younger. I also keep on dreaming walking barefooted; sometimes in my dream, I will lose my shoes so I have to walk barefooted. Does it have something to do with my past life?..raquel frm the Phils.

  6. Thank you, thank you, thank you. It’s been one day since I’ve ‘happened upon’ your videos. Palpable, positive change was immediate. An inspiring & energetic surge was breathed back into my life like a cool breeze. It all started with a breath. 🌟 Many blessings in return. Namaste!


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