Eric Ho

Eric Ho

Founder of H Akademy and Celebrity speaker

From college drop out to Multi-Million Dollar Investor

Eric Ho is a renowned international speaker, entrepreneur, philanthropist, educator and author. Since dropping out of Leeds college at 19 Eric felt lost and unhappy working at his dad’s restaurant in Hull. Without the approval of his family he took 3 bank loans to open his own restaurant in Lincoln and step out of his full time job. However instead of creating wealth and freedom, he built his own 7 day per week full time job keeping his restaurant a-float. Covering for multiple staff who would call in sick, who weren’t doing their jobs properly and who were stealing from the till. In his free-time all he wanted to do was sleep. His life transformed when he forced himself to take a weekend off to go and see his role model Sir Richard Branson speaking at a business conference.
5 years later he had not only stepped out of a huge dept but built several successful businesses from an international tyre and steel export business to a fast-growing QSR franchise.
In 2014 he was asked to speak at the London Excel business conference of which his career as an International speaker began. In 2015 he lived his dreams sharing the stage with his role model Sir Richard Branson.
In 2016 he built H Akademy a team of entrepreneurs, coaches and experts who lead by his example. Every year H Akademy teaches thousands of individuals, enterprises and organisations proven innovative strategies to achieve rapid results with life balance, through global seminars, webinars, retreats and courses across the globe including the UK, India, China, Malaysia and more.
In recent months he has been invited to be a Shark on global reality TV show, Shark Tank, scheduled to air in 2018.
With many highs and lows on his journey, Eric teaches important lessons of balancing time, money and freedom to lead a life of health, wealth and happiness. He is committed to helping people discover their own potential in order to live the life of their dreams.
Eric also founded H-Giving, a nonprofit organisation providing a loving home and education to over 340 African children. Every year Eric takes a handful of volunteers to Kenya to teach tools such as entrepreneurship to build a self sustaining community. “Give a person a fish you feed them for a day; teach a person to fish you feed them for a life-time”.

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