Master Lim

Master Lim

Entrepreneur, Mentor & Coach

Master Lim is a 22-year-old entrepreneur originally from Ireland who drastically changed his lifestyle less than 16 months ago! After being brought up in a conditioned society whereby he was told university, college, education and hard work was the only way to become successful, Master Lim had a knowing and a strong belief there HAD to be another way.

After finding entrepreneurship at the age of 20, Master Lim decided to invest a lot of his time, money and effort into finding the right coaches and mentors who could lead him in the right direction towards a successful lifestyle. Over the past 12 months, Master Lim has found himself speaking on stages globally inspiring thousands of people all across the world.

He has also built up a network marketing team of over 250 people and has personally coached and mentored Individuals in business, mindset and spirituality. Since starting out, Master Lim believes that his spiritual beliefs are a huge factor in determining and results in the success he has manifested for himself.

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