Stephen Gwilt

Steve Gwilt

Multi-Award Winning Creative Director

Multi-Award Winning Creative Director & Branding Advertising & Design Wizard

Since Graduating from Lincoln University with a BA Hons, Steve Gwilt has devoted his entire career towards helping people take their businesses to the next level using his background in Branding Advertising and Design.

Over the years he has won multiple awards for his work as a Creative Director. In 2007 he was awarded first place at the Clear Channel Awards for his Bloomberg advertising campaign – “financial information anywhere”. In 2008 his work was awarded and published in the YCN 07/08 Annual for a campaign for Sure deodorant and antiperspirant.

In 2010 he teamed up with his friend, Eric Ho from art college to turn paper sketches into international franchises and brands including YoYo Noodle a QSR franchise, McIntyres a tyre recycling company and H Akademy an events company. These ventures have generated millions of pounds of investment and have served millions of lives world-wide.

Today Steve works within the H Akademy hub helping empower entrepreneurs with the same knowledge that has been key to his own personal success. Impact is his debut book & course, which looks set to be the start of an exciting new era of creative inspiration for all.



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Born on: 3rd September 1984