tjibaria pijloo

Tjibaria Pijloo

CEO & Co-Owner of the H Akademy Group of Companies

Tjibaria Pijloo is The #LaunchYourBusiness Queen, an International Speaker, Business & Digital Marketing Expert, Author, Educator, CEO & Co-Owner of the H Akademy Group of Companies, H Partners and Tenaga Kembar Academy and PhD in Astrophysics.

Tjibaria Pijloo has been described by Shark Tank star Eric Ho as one of the best business decisions he has ever made. A passionate educator and now CEO & Shareholder of H Akademy.

In the last 21 months she has, together with Eric Ho and an amazing team of entrepreneurs, transformed H Akademy, a 2016 start-up into an International recognized brand that empowers and inspires thousands of entrepreneurs all around the world. Not only does Tjibaria oversee huge business events, collaborations and joint ventures across the globe but her heart driven formula to marketing and sales whether online or in-person is a refreshing blueprint that has allowed her to stand out in a crowded market, turn traffic into leads and more importantly convert, and allow others to do the same through her signature event Launch Your Business In 5 Days (

Today she speaks all over the world and has shared the stage with leading speakers including Billionaire Errol Abramson, Bindar Dosanjh, Eric Ho, Tim Han and many more!With a firm background of nine years in science this PhD in Astrophysics she transferred her experimental skills to rapid learning, speed implementing into business and has become a serial entrepreneur.

Her mission is to “Do Whatever GOOD It Takes” to help others live their dreams too.

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