The Healing Power Of Hands | Mudras of The 5 Elements [All You Need to Know Right Now!]

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  1. Hii….
    I wants to heal my breathing problem in winter completely, kindly suggest any specific mudra, Ofcourse pranamudra I found from this, thanks for that.

    I am suffering to sleep in winter nights due to nose blockage

  2. Eric I am from Bangladesh. we are not familiar to meditation I mean not majority. I love meditations and I am learning so much from you. receiving and balancing these two I am doing now. I do miss sometimes but I try to be regular. thank you so much for your basic teaching thank you thank you ♥

  3. This was quite interesting. I didn't think my hands would matter much but my meditation didn't seem complete/comfortable in the space that I wanted to be in. Your explaination made it simple to understand and I would appreciate further videos regarding this matter when you get the chance.

  4. Hi Eric, thanks for the video.
    I Would like you to make video on chakras. Also I had read about 'Surabhi Mudra' which is used for law of attraction. But I don't have much info on it. Would be great if you can throw some light on it.


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