Why I Bought a $230,000 Lamborghini Huracan | Is It Really Worth It? [Season 2: Vlog_001]

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  1. Congrats on your super orange sports car !! you deserve it because you worked so hard to get there. I am very spiritual and use to struggle with material things but understand it differently now – God/ universe wants you to live in abundance it’s your birth right even in the bible it says heaven will be a place of riches why not make the earth your heaven right now

  2. Hi Eric I am a big fan from Thailand…now I start to understand how we the our own consciousness attract things we desired via a vibration of energy…It’s so wonderful to take this journey

    By the way what is your opinion about The “Quantum jumping” method which is based on the alternate universe theory versus The theory of “we are living in the Simulated word” ?

  3. Eric. every since i can remember i had this "thing in me, that i was meant for greatness, my life would be large to the point where i knew i would have my own cook……lol. i haven't reached that life yet but i still have this belief. where did this thought come from because i know that this is not just wishful thinking

  4. I just want to say, I'm not writing this comment because I'm jealous! I'm happy for your, and I'm actually grateful, that you could do something what you were dreaming about! In the same time though, do you ever think about the people, who don't feel jealous, but feel worthless and meaningless, simply because they can not achieve anything in life??? I am working hard, yet I just live to pay the bills…I don't want millions, I don't want to be rich, I just want my parents to be healthy, my father to stop battling cancer… Do you or one of your assistants will read my comment? Probably not, but after seeing your video I just feel a no-one, a nothing… A worthless existence who's life is just wasted. I just wanted to believe in spirituality and follow your guidance…. I think you have to many followers to care about just one person… Will you even think about ever, that that one person just unsubscribed or committed suicide? I wish you all the best, I hope you will be able to help a lot of people!

  5. You go Eric and enjoy the ride congratulations! Enjoy enjoy and continue helping others like me to learn how to get up early and learn more to put in practice the manifestation and law of attraction and make it work. I want a Lamborghini too!!!

  6. No need to justify yourself, Eric. Just do you and enjoy the ride!
    Osho had nearly 100 rolls Royce because he embodied a higher consciousnesses.
    Peace, Love and Light.
    Namaste ♥️


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