You Will NEVER Really Open Your Third Eye | This is Why.. [SHOCKING TRUTH!!]

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  1. Why should we not open the third eye? Because we will find out what YOU really are? You don’t ask from people $100’ for help but $1000’ …. from people who actually don’t have money. What has greediness with spirituality???

  2. Hey Eric
    Can you help me figure something out? Somehow (Im preatty sure there are many people out there who say this, but I will do my best to write it the way it is) since i wa abut 14-15 years old I started asking questions about everything in a way that no one could really answer properly. LIke why people do what they do? I looked at everyone in school, as many social interactions happened, how people felt, how they strived to prove something or to change something. I looked into myself and realized that I am constantly trying to go somewhere, when there is nowhere to go really. Whatever one gets, always there is something else. So I got into this deeper and deeper. With everything I learned from this I learned to accept things as they are more and more. Right now I build a wonderful life, I am super happy, have an awesome job, an amazing relationship and I started to become more and more conscious of many things that happen within me. I noticed that something withing me is drawn to this need for release. Emotions like anger and happines they don't really matter. When I'm happy, its great, but its like I can't hold myself from going deeper. Some thought comes, like "Liking this or disliking this makes things turn into my own interpretation, it keeps me from knowing what the thing really is". In moments like that I look at my life and can't help but wander if going further would make me let go of it all. If I will, those who don't understand this (and thats pretty much 100% of my surroundings) will suffer. I thought it is wrong. So I thought I should use what is happening to me to become trully accepting to the situation I am in. Become in such a way that my life would help those around me to see what I see. Not try and preach about somthing I mereley have an idea about, but to become what I know. If that makes sense. For now I did an online inner engineering course and it proven to be very reasuring. I figured out most of the things before, but I felt very happy that there are people who think about this stuff as I do and it is not usless phylosophy. I can't leave my home and go to hymalayas as you did. But I can use the knowledge online to move towards this release to some extent. Can you help me find something I can use? And if you think my line of thought is not accurate or I am blind to some aspects of my situation, please help me become aware.

  3. I want to manifest money, but currently on a fixed income can you give me advice? Excellent video on everything being connected, I do not consider myself at a high vibrational alignment as yet (working on it) but yes I agree some argue with me when I bring it up.

  4. So… I eat meat. Am fairly peaceful. Working to develop love and a healing presence. If I can do that without opening my 3rd eye, I'm ok with that. If i can be wealthy without opening it, I'm ok with that. So would realistic goals be.

  5. Thank you for this!! My problem is the anger etc. I eat healthy drink healthy but the noise and low vibration is my issue. Dr strange. I watched that movie and was like I can I am suppose to do that. It’s weird. I can’t even explain it

  6. I am Entrepreneur, getting only 1 or 2 orders a week. I don't know what's going wrong with me. I am selling products on less prices but still no one wants them. Please help, even my friends are also saying products are costly. But comparatively not to other online stores.

  7. Thank you for making this video. This dose of honesty is necessary to keep us focused on the methods, tools and means that you have been sharing with us up to now. I have found a path to peace and am open to receiving the things I manifest. I also understand that what you are saying in this video is opening one's third eye is a whole other level of consciousness beyond bringing things into our reality or shaping our reality.

  8. So Eric I am writing to you as I have had many successes over many years from a young age with astral projection and manifestation I still need work on getting details in my manifestations. Anyway I am a believer in many things that would not be excepted by my christian parents and so I have kept these skills to myself and only share them with close friends and relatives with more open minds. With this said I have been using binary beats to try to reach some personal goals, one of these had been opening of my third eye Well When I did I went blind in one eye in a matter of four days time and my Dr. has not been able to help me and they think it was caused by a stroke in my optic nerve. I lost 30% vision in my right eye in 2003 to another stroke of the optic nerve, so they think it is the same thing now. ( Easy out I guess ) Anyway I am wondering if this could be anything more in line with the opening of my 3rd eye. I see many people with channels on here making videos about how to get money love and other material stuff and in my current life funk I could really use those types of things Money for sure, but after loosing our young grand daughter in 2016, I have been more about relationships and the quality of them. So I am doing whatever I can to work on these. Question ? Do you think my prior experiences might help me in this effort ?

  9. Hi Eric… Trying anything is good and all can do it whether its studying or learning something new. But one can't master it without a "GURU". I am sure you will accept this too. I want a master too. I see your Videos and follow but still i lack something. I just want to talk to you and share my things with you. Help.

  10. Is it true that if our third eye chakra or any of them is closed, this results in under activating the other chakra , thank you indeed for your time sharing with us 🙏🌹


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